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European Beggars in Asia

Western Backpackers Begging In Southeast Asia Raise Eyebrows Among Locals

Disgusted locals and fellow travelers have seen a rise of Western backpackers who end up begging in the streets of Southeast Asia.


Dubai - 2017

Dubai Seriously Hopes To Be The World’s Happiest City

Dubai envisions itself as soon to be the world's happiest city.


Michelle Phan

YouTube Star Michelle Phan And Her Self Discovery Through Travel

Michelle Phan just came back from her nine-month hiatus and revealed she spent seven months travelin...


Rome Trevi Fountain Has About $1.5 Million in Change

The Trevi Fountain's Submerged Fortunes Could Buy You A Home

Rome's re-opened Trevi Fountain earns more than $1.5 million in loose change, which can buy anyone a...


Glass Bottomed Pool in Houston Texas' Market Square Tower

Breathtaking Glass Bottom Pool In Houston Is Scary As It Is Exhilarating

This glass bottom pool in Houston's Market Square Tower luxury apartment is everything suspended in ...


Green Travel

Here Are Some Ways Travelers Could Help Save The Environment

Traveling green is not that hard as you think. There are actually simple ways in which you could tot...


Moorea, French Polynesia

Obama, Oprah, Tom Hanks And Bruce Springsteen Cruise Together In French Polynesia

Obama, Oprah, Tom Hanks And Bruce Springsteen went on a cruise and island-hopping tour of French Pol...


Marijuana Church

Denver Set To Become The Mecca For Pot Lovers

Weed smokers can now treat marijuana use as a religion.


Obama Meets With European Leaders In Berlin

Obama To Head Next To Germany After Post-White House Vacation

Obama will be meeting with Merkel in his first diplomatic visit to Germany.


Relic hunter launches appeal to reunite families of WW2 heroes with dog tags

Over 14,000 WWII Dog Tags Discovered By Relic Hunter; Man Promises To Give Them Back To Families

The dog tags were found in a field near an anti-aircraft battery site by relic hunter Dan Mackay. Th...


Richard Browning is a Real-life Iron Man - with His Own Flying Suit | WIRED

Real-Life Iron Man Flies Off In Jet-Powered Exosuit

A British inventor named Richard Browning invented a jet-powered exosuit that makes him the real-lif...



Emirates Joined The Trolling Bandwagon Aimed At United Airlines

Emirates released a 34-second clip clearly aimed to mock United.


This huge, mysterious stone has been discovered at Scotland's largest Neolithic rubbish dump

The Most Sophisticated People Lived Here

The discovery of the most sophisticated people who ever existed could potentially alter the contents...


Scottish Highland Cottages

Remote Scottish Homes Will Melt Your Worries With Their Charm And Magic

The Scottish countryside is home to magic and lore. Added to its mystery is the chic and charming co...


Spain Tourism - Top Performing Travel Industries

World's Top Performing Travel Industries

Travel industries make up 10 percent of any country's economy. For 2017, here are the world's top pe...


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