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Gay Pride

Tanzania Is After LGBT People And Cuts HIV Care

Being gay in the country proved to be a crime in the eyes of official leaders. Anyone who does sexual intercourse with a person of the same gender wil...


Man accepts invite to go on holiday with NINE strangers,world news

Friends Invite A Complete Stranger On An All-Expense-Paid Holiday Trip After Same Name Pal Flaked Off

A group of friends invited a complete stranger on an all-inclusive paid-for holiday trip to Spain af...



The Direct Effects Of Brexit To British And European Travelers

Both UK and EU travelers would face massive time delays and a little difference in their citizen rig...


Kate Middleton - Casual Versus Formal

One Of Kate Middleton's Wisest Travel Wardrobe Choices Would Be Her Simple Sneakers

A pair of New Balance sneakers still makes Duchess Kate Middleton more stylish than anyone. Her snea...


Central American Migrants Attempt Arduous Voyage Thru Mexico To U.S.

Life As An Undocumented Immigrant

These stories share by immigrants themselves show that they fled their home countries in search for ...


The Cello

Musician Kicked Off An American Airline Due To ‘Risk’ Posed By His Cello

A professional musician found himself removed from an airline after the flight crew deemed his cello...


Orkney Islands -- Arch

Britain Rural Living: A Roundup Of Great Rural British Districts

Rural Britain is better than urban Britain because of its better air quality, stress-free roads and ...


The Watergate Hotel Reopens with Grand Opening Party

America’s Business Travelers Reveal The Hotel Amenities They Want Most

America's business travelers revealed they're pretty straightforward when it comes to what they're l...


Ricky Martin At Park Theater, Monte Carlo Las Vegas

Newest Las Vegas Park Theater Resident Ricky Martin Gives All His Debut Performance In 'All In'

Park Theater in Monte Carlo Las Vegas features its newest resident performing superstar Ricky Martin...


A Trip Through The Heart Of Central Iran

Iran's Bazaar: Surviving Years Of Glory

Iran's bazaar has been in fruition since the 11th century, but not without facing hardships that cha...


Airbnb logo

Asian Woman Tearfully Narrates Racist Experience On Airbnb; Host Permanently Banned On Platform

Airbnb removed a host from its platform after the host canceled a reservation because of the guest's...


Crater Viewpoint, Hibok-Hibok Volcano, Camiguin

The Sardine Boy Who Cheated Death Lives At The Foot Of A Volcano

More than 60 years ago, a young boy cheated death thanks to a can of sardines. Now, he lives at the ...


Underground Art Campaign

Commute And Be Amazed By The Same Time By The Breathtaking Art Found In Stockholm's Subway System

Stockholm's subways system is considered one of the most beautiful metro stations in the world.


Father of Four Deported Back to Mexico For Incident That Happened 17 Years Ago

Trump Supporter’s Husband Gets Deported Back To Mexico

A Trump supporter and wife to an undocumented Mexican national didn't think her husband will be amon...


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