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Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo Opens Flagship Hotel In Los Angeles

A new urban and chic hotel just opened in downtown Los Angeles.


Best U.S. Carriers for International Travel Data and Voice!

Why International Data Plans Are Necessary For Traveling

With competitive international data plans, travelers can stay online overseas at affordable prices.


Kayak Logo

Kayak Creates An 'Undercover Vacation Planner' Feature For Vacation Planning At Work

Kayak discovers that about 57% of its visitors plan their vacations during peak work hours. It has n...


Cruise Ship Attractions

The Most Awesone Cruise Ship Attractions In The World You Should Know About

Here are some of the best onboard cruise ship entertainment that will blow your mind.


The Light Phone

Take A Real Vacation Without Worrying About Work With This Dumb Phone

This dumb phone that simply focuses on making and receiving calls reminds smartphone users that less...


Travelers Prepare To Travel To Cuba From Miami

Techie's Guide: The Best Travel Gadgets For 2017

Take only these essential travel gadgets to make your traveling experience fun and memorable.


Hard Rock Atlantic City

Hard Rock Just Released $375 Million Plan For Taj Mahal In Atlantic City

Hard Rock International successfully acquiesced the Taj Mahal property in Atlantic City.


Heathrow Announces The Opening Of The First Airport Salon In UK

Celebrity Hairdresser Launches First Airport Salon In Heathrow

Celebrity stylist and hairdresser Bradley Smith launches his new salon in Heathrow Terminal 5. The s...


B2B Virtual Card

Travel Industry Could See Faster Fiscal Transactions With New B2B Virtual Cards

B2B virtual card technology would do away with the delay of checks and cash deposits. Using existing...


Wintertime transatlantic clear-air turbulence

Severe Turbulence May Become More Frequent Due To Climate Change

Climate change can affect plane turbulence and would increase it's frequency of up to 149 percent.


Italy Aviation Strike

Italy's Airport Experiences Widespread Strike Affecting Hundredds Of Flights To And From The Country

Alitalia canceled over 60% of their scheduled flights yesterday, affecting hundreds of passengers.


Zunum Aero

Boeing, JetBlue Team Up For A Startup About Future Airline Travel

Airline startup Zunum Aero recently got a significant investment from Boeing and JetBlue.


LA 2016 Berlin Air Show

Emirates Pulls An April Fools Prank Of Inflight Swimming Pool And Gym Plans

Emirates unveiled their ambitious plans for building the world's largest commercial carrier, complet...


Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual SIM

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual SIM Feature Ensures Convenient Data Roaming Savings

Data roaming is a big hassle to any vacation budget. Some countries do not allow the easy procuremen...


The world's shortest international flight is... | CNBC International

World's Shortest Flight That Lasts 8 Minutes Discontinued By People's Air Group

The world's shortest flight that takes passengers from Germany to Switzerland and back will be havin...


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