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Underwater haven

LOOK: This Underwater Villa In Maldives Will Let You Literally Sleep With The Fishes

People who love the ocean can finally make their mermaid dreams come to life by sleeping in the luxurious underwater villa in Conrad Maldives. The accommodation is located 16.4 feet below the water will surely leave its guests in awe.



A New Luxury Hotel From Atelier Ace Is Hitting New Orleans In 2019

People in New Orleans have something new to look forward to. Famous for building distinctive boutique hotels, Ace Hotels is bringing its brand to the city with its Maison de la Luz. The luxury hotel will open next year.


Marriott Hotel

Marriott Partners With Alibaba To Test Facial Recognition In Hotels

Guests checking in at selected Marriott Hotels in China are in for a treat. Perfect for tech-savvy guests, the facial recognition system is set to streamline a more effective and convenient customer service.



Here’s What It Feels Like To Stay In A Japanese Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels are not only popular in Japan, but all over the world. These self-contained pods attract tourists and locals alike not only because of its unique offer, but also for its low cost.


Capsule rooms

LOOK: The Smallest Hotel Rooms In The World

Get ready for a tiny escape from the bustling city with these top smallest hotel rooms in the world. Although the unique rooms may lack size, it does not come short on comfort and style.


Casa Republica in Lima

Check Out This 1920s Mansion In Peru That’s Now A Luxurious Little Boutique Hotel

Australian travel company Chimu Adventures has refurbished an 1916 Peruvian mansion in to one of the finest Boutique hotels in Peru. Casa Republica has made people feel as if they time traveled back to the 1920s.


Marry Yourself ni this Mexican hotel

This Luxurious Hotel In Mexico Lets You Marry Yourself

Want to get married immediately but haven’t found ‘the right one’ for you yet? Look no further. You can marry yourself in Rosewood Mayakoba, one of Mexico’s most luxurious hotel.


The Watergate Hotel Reopens with Grand Opening Party

America’s Business Travelers Reveal The Hotel Amenities They Want Most

America's business travelers revealed they're pretty straightforward when it comes to what they're looking for in hotel amenities.


Welcome to the wall: artist Banksy opens Bethlehem hotel

British Artist Banksy Opens Hotel With The Worst Views In The World

British street artist Banksy opened The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem near the controversial wall dividing Israel from Palestine, calling it to be a lodging with the" worst view of any hotel in the world." The 10-room property serves as accommodation, museum, political or artistic statement of the artist regarding the wall that has the two regions pitting against each other.


Non-smoking establishment

US Hoteliers: US Hoteliers: Even Smokers Don't Like Smoking Rooms

More and more hotels across the US want to eradicate smoking in their establishments to help tourists stay healthy while traveling. Moreover, the initiative aims to have hotel guests no longer get choked and be exposed to the carcinogenic components of cigarettes and tobacco.


Bellagio fountain

Five Luxury Hotels You Can Stay In For Less Than $200 A Night

Experience any of these five luxury hotels without breaking the bank with just under $200 per night.


Puerto Princesa Underground River - Most Impressive Cave System in the World

The BEST Underground Hotels In The World

Be ready to get the best sleep ever! Find out the best underground hotels here that promises the best of nature and adventure.


2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 13

Cornwall Travels: ‘Poldark’ Filming Location In Bodmin Jail Turns Into A Luxurious Hotel

"Poldark" Bodmin Jail filming location will soon turn into a luxurious hotel. Find out more about it here.


Worlds Largest Flower Auction Prepares For Valentines Day

The BEST Sundrenched Beaches & Hotels To Spend Valentine’s Day

Here are the best sun-drenched beaches and hotels to spend a romantic and unforgettable Valentine's Day dates.


Robert De Niro Launches DeNiro's Nobu Hotel In Manila

Visiting Robert De Niro’s Nobu & Other Hotel Lines Around The World

Once again, Robert De Niro will be bringing the classic beauty of its Nobu Hotels around the world. It will be in Chicago and London this time, surely these new investments are a good indication after his world's worst label.


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