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The Best Spots In The World For Diving With Sharks

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jul 22, 2018 07:45 PM EDT

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Those who have a thirst for adventure would absolutely love to see sharks in their natural habitat. Seeing the feared animal in the open ocean not only warrants an adventure of a lifetime, but also an understanding of their species.
(Photo: Pixabay)

Many people are afraid of sharks because of how they are portrayed in movies. However, swimming with these creatures can be a memorable experience.

Although the feared animal can be pretty intimidating, diving with them will make people change their perspective. Sharks are a beautiful sight to see in their natural habitat. Here are the best places to consider for those who want to check off something on their bucket list.


Although considered as an increasingly vulnerable animal, sharks can be found throughout the beautiful island of Maldives. Here, people can experience some of the best dives of their life. Adventure seekers who are visiting the area can expect to see tons of whale sharks.

Those who are lucky might even get a glimpse of reef sharks and nurse sharks. They can also visit South Ari Atoll to swim with of whale sharks, the largest species of sharks who can grow to up to 46 feet long and weigh a staggering 15 tons.

Additionally, Maaya Thila in the Maldives is also home to hammerhead sharks, reef, sharks, and whitetips which go around the dive site in large groups.

Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

In the absolutely stunning waters of Isla Mujeres, people can see a huge number of whale sharks. This spot is known to have the largest concentration of the animal on earth. For people who want to get the ultimate experience, do not forget to plan the trip around July, just in time for the Whale Shark Festival.

Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Tiger Beach is flocked by photographers and adventure junkies all over to the world who want to see tiger sharks up close. The one of a kind dive offers divers a unique experience made possible by the shallow sand flat where they can not only see the amazing reefs of the Caribbean but also get up close and personal with many tiger sharks. Hammerhead sharks can also be spotted in this area.

This beach can be reached by riding a boat from Stuart's Cove's new location on the Grand Bahama Island's west end.

Maui, Hawaii

Blessed with multiple picturesque beaches, Maui also boasts amazing dive locations including turtle-filled nearshore reefs and the open ocean Molokini and the Lanai lava formations.

To see the hammerhead sharks, divers in Maui gather in Fish Rain, a coast near Molokai. This spot is only visited by a few dive boats such as the Lahaina Divers, which frequent the area weekly for an advanced drift dive among the sharks. The dive crosses the temperamental Pailolo channel.

Visiting the secluded part of Lanai for kayaking, snorkeling, or stand-up paddleboarding is also recommended.

Placencia, Belize

The vibrant blue waters or Placencia draws large schools or spawning snapper. This is the reason why whale sharks are abundant in the spot between March and June. Those who have had no experience in diving do not need to worry because the area is open to snorkelers. Here, spectators can see the gentle giants go near the surface when they feed.

Make sure to visit the area on a full moon of the season when the action reaches its peak.

San Diego, California

Famous for its beaches, San Diego is also known as one of the best areas to see shortfin mako sharks. The open-ocean predators follow their food through the coast in November. Divers who are lucky can even spot it with blue sharks.

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